Monday, March 19, 2012

The way I "See's" it...

For the most part, my recipes are not "mock ups" of a previously existing item [other than the homemade oreo's] I don't generally just want to copy a flavor that someone else has already come up with, I am more interested in working on my own flavors and combinations to create my own personal style.... with one exception: See's Candy Bordeaux Truffle.
My Dad's FAVORITE candy [underneath only reeses pb cups] is See's Bordeaux Truffle. They were his fathers favorite, and since then, have kind of been the universal favorite in the entire family. All my aunts and uncles love them...although, I think that almost everyone loves them, because they are so delicious. If you haven't ever had one, go to See's right now and try it. They are a wonderful balance of sweet and slightly salty, while being creamy and delicious. So for my Dads birthday this past December, I set out to try and reproduce his favorite candy! It took about 4 different recipe failures until I finally formulated the perfect recipe!

Bordeaux Truffles
Brown Sugar: 80g
Salt: 6g
Water: 10g
Butter[VERY SOFT]: 100g
White Chocolate [tempered]: 200g
Dark Chocolate [tempered]: 80g
[white/dark/milk]Chocolate [tempered] for dipping
1. Combine brown sugar, salt, and water in a small sauce pan and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and allow syrup to cool completely. 
2.  Cream the butter and slowly stream in the cooled syrup. continue mixing until homogenous.
3. Combine the white and dark chocolate and stream into the butter while mixing on LOW speed. Make sure to scrape the bowl ad mix until completely homogenous.
4. Now pipe your ganache on parchment paper into small balls. Allow your ganache centers to set up [about 1 hour] once they are firm, you can dip them in your chocolate [whatever kind you like] and garnish as you please :]

Bordeaux ganache, before being dipped!


  1. Wow!! These look amazing! Great recreation. I have never had them and I don't think there is a location around my area but who cares. I can make them for myself now! Thanks for linking up!

    1. What? No See's? my goodness! Haha, please do give it a try, its a pretty dang close taste:]


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