Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At Home Chocolate Dipping Technique

Normally, in order to dip ganache centers in chocolate, you would use a fancy [and OVERLY expensive] tool called a dipping fork, which, if you plan on working with different chocolates on a regular basis, you probably want to invest in [I put off buying some for the longest time, but I recently broke down and decided to invest<3]. But for everyone who wants to save some money, I have perfected the...wait for it.....

Brilliant, I know :] A way to utilize something that we all have lying around the house anyways. every time you dip you only need 2 toothpicks- save them and use them every time. But before you can start dipping, you need to setup a dipping station. If you read and write English [which, at this point, I am going to take the leap and assume that you do], that means you read from left to right. You are going to dip the same way.

 On the left side, place your ganache centers. In the middle, have your bowl of tempered chocolate. On the right have a paper plate/ parchment paper to place your finished product.
Once you are setup, you can start to dip. Place your first toothpick through the center of your ganache, and dip it into your chocolate. Be careful when you pull back out of the chocolate. you're ganache is now much heavier because of the chocolate on top of it. If it feels like the center is sliding off of the toothpick, take your second toothpick and place it flat against the bottom of the ganache. Gently shake the toothpick up and down to remove excess chocolate.
Place you're dipped chocolate to the right on your finishing tray. place your second toothpick flat against the top of the chocolate to hold it down as you carefully pull the top toothpick out. VOILA.
I used this method for all of my dipping needs until i very recently [march 2012] purchased some forks.


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