Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Bites

I know out in most areas spring is in full bloom, but here in the dessert, it feels a whole lot more like summer to me! It's in the 90's everyday and only getting hotter [I haven't decided if I find this thrilling or horrifying....] So I have been in such a huge summer-y mood this past week and I don't see that changing anytime soon. So in honor of this hot summer weather, I have started working on some new ganache flavors that are inspired by summer flavors: mainly refreshing fruits, juices, etc. So today I finally finished my newest creation and I am so excited to share it! A Chocolate Strawberry Bonbon! Everything you love about fresh chocolate covered strawberries, without having the chocolate break and fall off the strawberry before you can finish your first bite! :] This candy has a delicious strawberry milk chocolate ganache topped with a thin layer of refreshing, yet tangy strawberry gele. You can leave these centers un dipped if you please, because they are very beautiful; but if you chose to do this, then make sure you are going to serve them within a day or two because the pectin gele will dry out and become slightly fruit leather-ish. If you dip them in chocolate, this is not a problem and they will last much longer.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry
makes about 50
Strawberry Gele
adapted from Chef Rubber
Strawberry Puree [see below]: 70g
Sugar: 30g
Pectin: 7g * see note below*
Sugar: 30g

1. Combine the puree and first sugar in a small sauce pot and bring to a boil.
2. Combine pectin and second sugar and stir and add to the puree.
3. Boil the mixture for two minutes, stirring constantly.
4. Spread over wax paper with an offset spatula, in a very thin layer and allow to cool.

Fresh Strawberry Puree [see below]: 60g
Butter: 10g
Milk Chocolate: 175g

1. Melt and temper your milk chocolate.
2. Mix in the cool strawberry puree until homogenous.
3. Stir in the very soft butter and then spread the ganache ontop of the cooled gele about 1/4 inch thick.

Strawberry Puree:
Strawberries hulled: 5 oz [about 6 average size]
Lemon Juice [fresh]: 1/2 lemon
-blend together until completely smooth 

Once everything has setup [allow overnight for best results] you can flip the ganache over and cut into whatever shape and size you like. I dipped my centers in dark chocolate because i didn't want to add too much sweetness ontop of the milk chocolate and natural sweetness in the strawberries.

* pectin is a naturally occurring gelling agent found in fruits. you can buy powdered pectin from many different companies and use to make your own fruit geles ["pate de fruit"]. I use pectin from Chef Rubber. Their product is specifically formulated and comes with a recipe for great pate de fruit. I used this recipe from their packaging, but modified it a little bit for my own needs!*


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