Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Caramel Cocoa!

Warning: This hot cocoa is very sweet- not for the weak! December 6, and I have started seeing more twinkle lights and candy canes in store windows! I love passing Christmas trees on the street and hearing salvation army bells ring. Its starting to feel like Christmas time here, finally- although it won't actually hit me until I land in California on Saturday night. That's right! This is my last week in the big apple, and although I have had a wonderful time while I have been here, it's time to go home and spend the holidays with my family, before I move out to Las Vegas!! So, let's make the best out of this bittersweet week, by making a SUPER SWEET DRINK.

Caramel Hot Chocolate
[makes 1-2 cups]
Sugar: 1.5 oz
Milk: 3 oz
White Chocolate: 1.5 oz

1. Over high heat, sprinkle half the sugar in the bottom of a small sauce pot. allow it to melt completely, and then sprinkle the rest ontop. Make sure there are no  clumps of sugar - you may stir, but not too much.
2. Cook the sugar until it is a beautiful golden caramel color.
3. Over low heat, pour your milk into the caramelized sugar and stir continuously. BE CAREFUL- the milk will bubble up vigorously.
- At this point there may be large chunks of the caramel that have solidified, DONT WORRY! if you continue to stir over low heat, the caramel will dissolve into the hot milk - 
4. Pour the caramelized milk over the white chocolate and stir until homogenous
5. Top with hot water and drink!
Sugar, Milk, and White Chocolate

Caramelize your sugar...

Add in your milk and stir until everything is homogenous

Pour hot caramel milk over the white chocolate

Caramel Hot Cocoa!

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