Monday, December 5, 2011

Basic Hot Chocolate

Since I have already touched on a few different flavored hot chocolates, I wanted to put up some easy, basic hot chocolate recipes that work for everyone's taste buds!! So...we are going to try the simplest hot chocolate recipe three different ways: White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate! Same basic recipe, just change the chocolate you use and you have three astoundingly different flavors.

Basic Hot Chocolate
makes 1-2 cups
Milk: 3 oz
Chocolate[white, milk, or dark]: 1.5 oz
Hot Water: as needed to fill glass

1. Boil milk
2. Pour over chocolate
3. Fill cup to top with hot water!
Milk and chocolate together make....

[L to R] Dark, Milk, White

The white hot chocolate is sweeter than a normal hot chocolate [just like white chocolate is much sweeter than milk or dark] It is something that I think younger children would enjoy, not too rich and just tastes like a sweet milk drink- this would be a great medium for you to flavor and turn into a very interesting hot drink! [I probably will use white chocolate to make a caramel hot cocoa- so stay tuned for that one tomorrow!]

The milk chocolate makes hot cocoa that I find to be very mild- sweet and chocolatey. It is basically the average hot cocoa that everyone is used to- so its good for a plain drink!

The dark chocolate cocoa makes for a very rich flavor and is definitely not very sweet. It is definitely for a chocolate lover. If you want a really deep, chocolate, and not overly sweet flavor, then try the dark chocolate! This would probably be a great choice if you wanted to add some liquer to your cocoa- kahlua, bailey's, etc....a sweeter liquer would make the other two chocolates overly sweet.

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