Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Hot Chocolate

Sometimes I wonder how quirky national days come to be...for example, national hot dog day [July 23], national coffee day [September 29]. Who decides what day a singular food gets to be celebrated by everyone? Whoever he is..I want his job. It turns out that December 13 is National [hot] Cocoa Day. So, in leading up to this DELICIOUS celebration, I am going to be doing a twelve days of hot chocolates!

Day One: Peppermint Dark Chocolate
makes 3-4 cups
Dark Chocolate: 3 oz
Milk: 6 oz
Peppermint leaves: 3g [OR 1 peppermint tea bag]
Hot Water: 15-20 oz [as needed]

1. place peppermint and milk in a microwave safe container or microwave on high until begins to boil [2 minutes]
2. strain off peppermint leaves [or remove tea bag] and pour the hot milk over the chocolate
3. stir until the mixture is homogenous [if it looks like there are just big speckles of chocolate, you need to heat it and stir more]
4. Divide equally into cups [will fill about 1/3 of the way] and top with hot water - you can use hot milk at this point, but the ganache that you just made is very thick and plenty rich without any more milk being added.
5. Stir and enjoy!

steep peppermint in hot milk

Pour over chocolate

If the chocolate looks separated, you need to heat it more

Fill 1/3 of the way with ganache and then....

Top off with hot water and mix well <3

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