Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Hope that you had a fun and safe new years eve. I took a little Christmas vacation from posting on here so I could spend time with my family. We've had a wonderful warm and sunny southern california christmas :] I'm so happy that I have finished up with my time in new york- no offense to the east coast....but as Miss Katy Perry said best, nothing comes close to the golden coast. Well, to start off the new year right, let's make some chocolate cups - to which you can fill with anything you like! Make peanut butter cups, caramel filled cups...fill them with more chocolate! So have fun with it, and here's the easy way to make some hollow chocolate cups!

you will need:
1. mini baking cups [foil is ideal, but paper will work too]
2. tempered chocolate [dark, milk, or white]
3. piping bag and bowl of chocolate
4. filling of choice!

Setup all of your baking cups in rows on a piece of parchment or wax paper.

Put tempered chocolate into a piping bag

Pipe chocolate to the top of a baking cup. do this to about 5 more cups.

Turn the cup upside down and allow the chocolate to drip out of the cup into the bowl
Set the cup upside down on the parchment and allow it to set before you fill it.

Once the cups are filled dip them into tempered chocolate to create a cap and allow them to set :] now eat!

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