Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy National Popcorn Day

I'm not sure who doesn't enjoy a hot bowl of popcorn, smothered in butter and salted to perfection [ especially while watching a great movie ] but personally, I would rather have a warm bowl of salty sweet kettle corn - nothing against good ol' fashioned butter, but with a sweet tooth like mine, I gotta have the sugar in there somewhere. so to celebrate national popcorn day I am going to post a very basic and delicious sweet and salty popcorn recipe, which is wonderful eaten warm or at room temperature!

Sweet and Salty Popcorn
1/4 c oil
1/4 c sugar
1/2 c popcorn kernels
1/4 tsp salt [i personally like a little more salt, but this is a good amount to start with]

1. in a large pot with a lid heat the oil and stir in the sugar
2. be careful not to burn the sugar- so once the oil is hot, add in the kernels and cover with the lid
3. over medium/high heat shake the pot with the lid on continually. The kernels will begin to pop- DONT STOP SHAKING. [otherwise the sugar will burn on the bottom]
4. once the popping slows, turn the heat off and allow the last few kernels to pop. pour the popcorn into a very large bowl
5. while still hot, pour the salt over the popcorn and toss lightly together. now eat :]

hot oil and sugar together
Add the kernels [notice the sugar is beginning to take on color]
finished popping!
add salt and enjoy!

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